With a background as an award-winning fashion photographer, Kevin has a unique style, with a strong visual identity that is distinctively emotive. It is equal parts suggestion, beauty, and simplicity. 

He started directing almost by accident and has since worked on such high-end brands as Lexus, Audi, BMW, Amstel, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo. 

Kevin has won numerous Loerie awards and a World Gold at the New York Advertising Festival for his work.  His BMW M3 Test Pilot and ABSA Feet commercials both achieved finalist status at the London International Awards; BMW won for best cinematography.  

“I love doing work that connects with our humanity, inspires visually, and stirs emotionally,” Kevin notes, “Finding the cues that make us feel, trust and believe in something that we know is make-believe. I try to find the realness in things, allowing the beauty in people to come through.”

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